If you want customization of PTC-118, please ask to here.
Major characteristics
Endure all weather all-in-one type camera equipment.
Multiplex control (video and control signal) system or RS-485 control signal. (automatic recognition)
Surveillance is possible by night by being equipped with illuminations.(option)
Selectable with a camera and a lens. ※2 Use is possible depending on environment. 
Specifications PTC-118
General specifications
Installation conditions Outdoor, upright use only.
Power supply 100VAC±10%(50/60 Hz)
Consumption current 3A or lower(illuminator are excluded)
Ambient temperature -20℃ 〜 +45℃
Relative humidity 35〜90% or lower
IP grade IP-65 compliant(JIS C 0920)
Wind damage resistance Up to 40m/sec.:Able to operate (operated by manual)
Over 60m/sec.:Nondestruction
Control method RS-485 (MIKAMI protocol)
※MIKAMI protocol:controled by MIKAMI’s controller.(PTC-032CB)
Or the MIKAMI protocol will disclose it.I
f it will be necessary, please contact to info@kk-mikami.co.jp
Preset position 256 positions
Wiper ON/OFF (operated by manual), under 2 sec. in one cycle.
Defroster glass ON/OFF(operated by thermostat)
Fan ON/OFF(operated by thermostat)
Heater ON/OFF(operated by thermostat)
Main material Corrosion resistance aluminum alloy, AES resin
Color Mansel 5Y8/1 approx.color, luster
Weight Approx. 20kg (included camera and lens)
Camera functions
Video signal PAL, NTSC(selectable)
Camera device 1/3 , 1/2 inch (CCD or CMOS)
Minimum illumination Color mode :0.19 lx(standard)
Color mode :0.002 lx(high sensitive mode)
B/W mode :0.02 lx(standard)
B/W mode :0.0002 lx(high sensitive mode)
Other fanction ・Electronic shutter
・Flicker correction
・White balance
・Camera menu setting is possible
Lens functions          
  1/3inch   1/2inch
Zoom ratio 35×(F1.6) 12×(F1.6) 20×(F1.6)
Focus length(W)〜(T) f/5.8〜121.8mm f/7.5〜120mm f8〜160mm
Angle of view H:44.8(W)〜2.3°( T )
V:33.8(W)〜1.8°( T )
H:46.6(W)〜3.2°( T )
V:35.3(W)〜2.4°( T )
H:42.7(W)〜2.4°( T )
V:32.7(W)〜1.8°( T )
Focal distance(min.) about 1.6m about 1.5m
Pan/tilt head functions  
Turning angle Horizontal 360 endless
Vertical   +20〜−70°
Speed Preset : Horizontal 180°/sec.(maximum)
     Vertical    60°/sec.(maximum)
Manual : Horizontal 0.1〜60°/sec.
     Vertical  0.1〜20°/sec.
Position repeatability ±0.1°or lower
Other function preset, auto-pan, sequential
External of view
System configuration
If you want customization of PTC-118, please ask to here.
Option product
System controller for PTC series (PTC-032CB)
●Major characteristics
Lens and pan /tilt control are possible by joy-stick.  
camera menu is displayed by LCD. The detailed setting of
the camera is possible.
Operation is easy. Because it adopted FKEY.  
The camera control to 32 is possible.
Up to 254 camera control is possible by using a control signal distributor (PTC-RSHUB16).
The preset position is set-able to 255.  
It can connect the controller to up to 3 pcs.  
Multiplex control (video and control signal) unit (PTC-MCX08)
The unit to control PTC-118, PTC-117, PTC-113, PTC-301HG, CH-PTC301HG by a coaxial multiplex method. It
can control 8 cameras.
●Major characteristics
The cascade connection to 32 is possible.
Therefore, control of up to 255 PTC series is possible.
It can select each cameras.
Cable compensation amplifier built-in in each channels.
It has a sequential switch function, and it is possible to switch a camera (1-300 sec.).
Each channel prepares the through output.
Control is possible from a system controller (PTC-032CB).
In addition, it is shipped with the RS-232C(D-sub9 pin) interface.
Control is possible from a system controller (PTC-032CB).
IIn addition, the RS-232C(D-sub9 pin) interface is supplied, too.
Surge protect unit
Reduce the damage from thunder damage to an apparatus by using these.
If you want customization of PTC-118, please ask to here.