Can be used in bad surroundings.
  It can be equipped with the big camera
Housing which held a CCD camera and  a 62×zoom lens.
Advantage points
1. Equipped with fan, wiper, defroster glass and heater.
2. Selectable camera and lens (but, one CCD camera only)
Main features
Outdoor use of camera housing
Equipped with fun, wiper, defroster glass and heater.
Power supply AC100V, 50/60Hz
Ambient temperature -15℃ 〜 + 40℃ 
Load weight 16Kg
Dimensions 260W , 313H , 780D(mm)
Internal capacity 156W ,168H , 563D(mm)
Weight 13.5Kg
Outdoor use of pan and tilt head
Installation conditions Outdoor, upright use only
Power supply 100VAC 
Ambient temperature -10℃ 〜 +50℃
Relative humidity 30% 〜 98%
IP grade IP-64
Weight Approx. 30kg
Angle of pan/tilt Horizontal 350° (Auto pan 340°)
Vertical +20° 〜 -70&
Speed of pan/tilt Horizontal 2.7°/sec.
Vertical 2.7°/sec.
External drawing (unit : mm)
System configuration